Activity Status

17 March 2021

The activity status is a Cerved enhanced version of the official status available in the chamber of commerce registration.

It can be one of the following values: Active, Inactive, In Dissolution / Liquidation, Registered (bankrupt since 15 years but not officially non-operative), In Bankruptcy, In Procedures; Suspended, Failed, Ceased, Canceled.

This takes into account the possible negative events and various different information contained in official documents, in order to provide an accurate idea of the company’s current state.

Cerved and SpazioDati apply additional checks to verify or edit the operativity of a company. Namely, especially when the activity status of a company is “inactive” (as in idle) — that usually suggests that the activity has not officially started yet — info about verified payments, possibly the certified presence of such company in other registers, balance sheets data, and more could be legitimately considered signs of its operativity.