Welcome to Atoka Guru

29 March 2021

Atoka Guru is your personal assistant, ready to give you all the useful information to deepen your knowledge and use of Atoka.

All you need to know, in one environment

Atoka Guru is structured into four distinct sections:

How to use Atoka: The complete guide to Atoka’s functionalities, which will allow you to deepen your knowledge of tools and opportunities to make the most of Atoka’s potentialities

Atoka for you: news and exclusive content, in-depth analysis and documentation dedicated to you and your company.

Atoka Blog: News and curiosities about Atoka and products from the Cerved and SpazioDati world, insights and analysis on Italian companies and the Corporate Web.

Support: Our FAQ and the possibility to get in touch with us, for technical support or to give us feedback to help us constantly improve the platform and our services.