The different types of filters

17 March 2021

The search filters can be used to search for a single company or to create selections, searches or lists of multiple companies, united by common search criteria.

There are different types of filters:

1 – Filters that operate on information generated by the user:

  • Customer lists created and saved by the user: the information generated by the user appears in the filters immediately after their creation (maximum 5-10 seconds)

2 – Filters relating to company information: They give access to all information in Atoka, whether from official sources, open data or research on web and social pages. These collections offer an almost unlimited potential for refinement of research, which allows the user to isolate one or more client companies, based on each of the information present.

N.B. A small “i” on the label of a single filter indicates the presence of information on the use of that particular filter.

To learn more about the different search filters regarding company information, you can consult the dedicated section of this Guide: Search Filters

All types of filters can be combined, allowing searches on internal and / or external information to the bank. To give an example, you can choose to see which, among the companies with a certain trigger, have company forms, offices, or balance sheet data that are interesting to us.