Can I prevent the disclosure of information about my company?

16 March 2021
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  • Can I prevent the disclosure of information about my company?

In most European countries, the disclosure of official company data can only be prevented by removing them from the primary source, which for Italy is the Register of Companies of the Chambers of Commerce. Therefore, we cannot remove this type of data (e.g. company name, balance sheet data, VAT number, official addresses, ATECO code, etc.). For our part, the data bank that we manage intends to reproduce the data present in this public Register, in full transparency and with appropriate integrations and verifications aimed at favouring the mutual full knowledge of the economic subjects in view of the correctness of the market.

However, while it is our duty to preserve the integrity and completeness of our database as much as possible, we may, upon request, remove other types of information (e.g., personal information, trademark information, etc.) which will continue to be accessible from the source from which we obtained the information. Therefore, if you wish to permanently remove such information, please contact the person who makes such data accessible.

We also specify that in some cases we can obscure pages that are publicly accessible to all users and prevent these pages from being indexed by search engines. If you wish to obscure such data you can report it to, specifying the reasons for the request and attaching to the email all the documentation useful to attest your ownership of the legal representation of the company and the identity of the applicant.