Filters – ‘What they do’ Section

17 March 2021

ATECO code (Classification of Economic Activity) companies that have a certain ATECO code are selected, also using advanced auto-completion, or the selection of an entire branch of the relevant ATECO categories;

ATECO Cerved and ATECO InfoCamere:

  • ATECO Cerved means the Cerved re-elaboration of the official information coming from InfoCamere regarding the prevalent sector. In most cases, ATECO Cerved corresponds in all respects to ATECO InfoCamere. However, where deemed appropriate, Cerved Group reserves the right to modify or confirm the main activity on the basis of further automatic and editorial checks carried out on official data. For this reason, its use for marketing purposes is recommended.
  • The ATECO InfoCamere instead corresponds to the official information that the company itself provides to the reference Chamber of Commerce. This means that there may potentially be inconsistencies that ATECO Cerved generally manages to catch. For this reason, we recommend using the ATECO InfoCamere for purely official research.

Prevalent Sector (NACE) is the European statistical classification of economic activities. Similarly to ATECO, you can select companies with a specific code.

Keywords are concepts associated with companies, selected on the basis of information extracted from various sources. Keywords are a way to go beyond the taxonomy of ATECO codes, which often only briefly describe the multitude of areas in which a company operates.

You can set the filter to show companies associated with at least one keyword or all keywords.

Website content This filter allows you to search the textual content of the company websites present in Atoka. It is possible to search for the occurrence of a single word, or a combination of words, or to exclude those companies that have certain words on websites.