The home page of Atoka

17 March 2021

The screen you find after logging in has several areas of reference:

  1. a sidebar called “Filters” on the left of the screen, which contains all the filters to customize the  company search. The filters are divided into topics: “About the companies”, “What they do”, “How to reach them” and “What they use”;
  2. a central area, which showcases the companies present in the research set at that precise moment, which is updated according to the filters applied. The upper part of this area shows the number of companies present in the search for a specific moment: without any filter set it will show all the more than 6 million Italian companies;
  3. a menu located at the top left, positioned to the right of the Atoka logo, which contains some items: “Companies”, “Lists”, and “Your search”;
  4. an isolated search box, at the top, on the center-right part of the screen, for simplified searches;
  5. your user profile, with the type of plan purchased and information on the credits consumed in a given instant.