The ‘Score’ Tab

16 March 2021

The ‘Score’ tab is divided into two main categories. ‘Cerved Group Score‘ and ‘Negative Events‘.

  • The Cerved Group Score is presented in infobox form, with a value and color grading. On the right, there are five pieces of detailed information, among those that contribute to the CGS:
    • The presence of Negative Events, from a conservatory source
    • Payment times, which Cerved is able to evaluate thanks to its service
    • Payline, developed in partnership with the most important companies in the utilities, telecommunications and services.
    • The economic-financial situation, based on balance sheet indicators
    • The risk related to the number of consultations: a wealth of information resulting from of Cerved’s leadership position, which gives us a valuable indication, because it is coming from the market and constantly updated.
    • The Structural Profile, derived from the analysis of the company’s capital structure.
  • The Negative Events indicator assesses the weight of negative events experienced by the company and related entities.