From the “Your lists” page, simply locate the list you want to export, click on the icon representing the drop-down menu and select the “Export companies” item from the menu.

A modal window will appear with some useful information to remember.

Once you have clicked the “Export list” button, waiting a few moments, you will see the download of the file containing the list activated, if the list contains a few dozen elements. If the list contains a large number of companies, an email will be sent as soon as the list is ready to be downloaded.

The export of this list is now present in the area to the right of the “Your exports” page.

  • each export is a static copy of the selected list, extracted at a given moment, recorded in the “Export date” column;
  • access for a new download on the “download” item, does not use any new credit;
  • the data present in Atoka are constantly updated: these exports are outdated copies of that data, referring exactly to the export date.
  • if the same company is added to the same list, even at different times, the company is entered only once. Duplicate credits will not be consumed when exporting the list;
  • if a company has been added to different lists, credits will be consumed for each updated export of those lists in which it has been inserted. At each export, the data extracted on the company is the version updated at that specific moment. If you download a list already exported from the “Your exports” area (on the right of the screen), additional credits will not be consumed. In fact, the data exported and already included in the credits counted in that export are being downloaded.