The ‘Sales Funnel’ Tab

16 March 2021

The ‘Sales Funnel‘ tab allows you to record the progress of the sales relationship with the company. The statuses are created by the user, selecting the status and possibly inserting a text note to comment on the evolution of the contact.

The first action we will be able to do will be to Assign the lead, that is, to signal that we have started, or want to start soon, a business development activity with that company. Let’s use the button in the upper right corner to assign the company to ourselves.

As soon as it is done, on the top right, it is indicated that the company has been assigned. In this way, if a colleague opens the same company card, he will see that another colleague is already developing an activity with that customer or potential customer. In order to release company, it will be sufficient to click again on the button, which now reads: “Remove me from lead”.

After assigning the company, you will have the opportunity to start recording the statuses of the sales funnel, i.e. mark in which stage of the sales negotiation that company is in. Each time you select a status, you can choose to record a note and then, using the button at the bottom, save the status update.

Each status and note entered can be edited and/or deleted by the user, at any time, using the drop-down menu found in each note.

This function is useful for correcting or supplementing, but we recommend not deleting past notes, so as not to lose track of previous activities.